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Tomas Benitez Quinceanera Dresses


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Who is Tomas Benitez?


Tomas Benitez Quinceanera DressesTomas Benitez Quinceanera Dresses

Tomas Benitez

Tomas Benitez DressesTomas Benitez Quinceanera Dresses

Quinceanera Dresses Houston TXQuince Dresses

Tomas Benitez Quinceanera DressesQuinceanera Dresses in Houston TXTomas Benitez Quince Dresses

Tomas BenitezTomas Benitez Quinceanera Dresses

Tomas Benitez Houston

Tomas Benitez QuinceaneraTomas Benitez logoTomas Benitez Quinceanera Dresses

Tomas Benitez houston txtomas benitez quinceanera dresses

Dresses starting at only $800

Tomas Benitez Quinceanera

Dress Tips From Tomas Benitez

Party Tips for Quinceañeras and Damas

1.  There is nothing worse at an event than to see the 'ladies' barefoot.  I highly recommend you choose comfortable, yet appropriate shoes for the event.  This will help avoid criticism from the guests and keep the big day classy!

2.  Don't be afraid to ask the dress designer what style of dress will fit your body the best.  Some styles are perfect for certain body types.  Try on a few different sample dresses to get a better feel of what dress style you like.

3. Certain dress colors pair better with certain skin tones.  Lighter skin tones go best with darker shades of whatever color you like.  Darker skin tones are lucky because they can look great in just about any shade of color.  But in the end, it comes down to what color your daughter feels most beautiful in.  Don't be afraid to be bold!  Try on as many different colors as possible!

4.  If you choose the same dress for all the damas, I recommend that you make appropriate alterations and possibly modifications depending on each person's taste and body structure.  We could add sleeves, cover cleavage, make strapless, etc.  It all depends on the look that you want for your damas!  But remember that a uniform look always looks best!

¡hola! I am Tomas Benitez and remember that your image speaks for itself! 




Tomas Benitez Quinceanera Dresses




Tomas Benitez Dresses

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